Similar to screen printing, the Risograph uses single colors to print designs from a master stencil. Riso sits between screen printing and offset lithography. Using a stencil-based printing process and soy based inks gives riso-prints a result similar to silkscreen with vibrant bright colors. Great for bold designs, posters, photography, pretty much anything with a graphic quality to it.* The soy based inks do not contain a drying agent so will never quite dry. They “dry” only by absorbsion so only work on uncoated stocks. Keep this in mind when planning your project, especially if it will be handled extensively.

*If you’re looking for photographic quality reproduction, we recommend using our Laser or Inkjet printing services instead.


Our Riso can print on A3 or smaller uncoated paper. We stock different types of paper from 80g/sqm to 300g/sqm. If we don’t have in stock the paper you want, you can schedule a visit to our studio to choose from paper catalog. Usually we receive the orders quickly from our distributors. Also you are welcome to bring your own paper if it fits the guidelines.

File Preparation

The Risograph prints one color at time. Therefore, your final print files should be separated into individual grayscale images for each color that is to be printed. 100% black in each color layer, will print out as 100% of whichever color you are printing. 90% black will print as 90% and so on. For images prepared in Photoshop, separate out each color layer or channel into individual grayscale files. For images prepared in Illustrator/InDesign, separate out each color layer into individual grayscale PDFs that can be printed from Acrobat. You can always contact us via e-mail if you have any questions regarding file preparation 🙂


We offer in-house binding, folding and trimming services

Binding options: Saddle stitching and different kinds of manual bindings for small run editions. For big print runs we work with other print houses for both digital printing and binding.







At this moment we have Black, Blue and Bright Red

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